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It had all started off so well. So normal. Him and Ladybug climbing or in her case swinging up the Eiffel Tower to reach the akumatised victim. Things was perfect even,it even felt like they was running quicker than usual. 

She seemed to reach the top before him but Chat didn't mind until he heard a noise. The sound of an attack. And a slight gasp. He peeked up and saw that Ladybug had been attacked. She seemed to be loosing her grip on her yo-yo and she hadn't even touched the ground of the tower yet.

"Lady!" he cried quickly climbing up the moment he realised that she had been injured and was meer seconds away from losing her grip and falling. "Hold on I'm coming!."

He reached out trying to expand his staff to reach her,his hands almost touching distance. His heart was pounding in his chest and his palms was clammy. He was terrified at this point. 

Then her hands slipped and she fell,screaming as she did. His skin palled as he quickly rushed into action trying to catch her before she hit the ground. He felt so afraid but he would catch her. He always did.

'I can do this! I can do this! I can-'

His train of thought was quickly stopped as he heard a sickening thud and crack. He froze feeling his eyes well up with tears and his heart stop. He felt nauseous, a clawed hand going over his mouth before he lowered himself on the ground.

"L-LB?" he muttered looking at her before backing up as both hands came up to his mouth. He was really going to be sick. He trembled as tears dripped down his face. He'd never seen something so...Grotesque. Her blood spread across the ground and it was hard to distinguish where her suit began and the blood ended and her limbs-Chat didn't want to think about that. It was far too disturbing.

Chat doubled over,hands on his knees before seeming to retch then vomit moments later until his stomach was completely empty. He trembled and slowly stood hunching over slightly as he swiped at his mouth. His head in pieces and an akuma still present. What was he going to do.
A cat's mistake
Major character death 

I wanted to try angst and I think it spiraled to this. Sorry fans.  I've murdered a main character again but this time a new fandom 
It felt honestly strange when the akuma deal was over. Having to go back to pretend that everything was boring and normal. That you didn't have a little bug or cat creature floating around in your pocket or hiding in your clothes or hair.

It sounded weird that the redhead found being a superhero easier than a normal teen. How normal could he act when he had to deal with a cheese fanatic of a kwami who's stomach was almost like a bottomless pit. 

"Hey Plagg..Yer think there's a chance I know my little lovebug outside of this whole superhero deal? He looks around my age...Maybe I've walked passed him or maybe we're friends..." Daxter babbled looking over at the black kwami.

"It's kinda possible. Why bother with romance though when there's perfectly good cheese~" Plagg replied munching on a small amount of blue stiliton.

Daxter rolled his eyes , pinching his nose as he did. The stuff really stunk. He really hoped that the smell of that didn't linger on him.

"I'm serious here Plagg. I'm crushin' on him real bad. I don't know what to do." 

"...How can you be head over heels for someone who's name you don't know." Plagg muttered. 

"I'm wonderin' that myself too." 

* * *
"Least I'm away from damn cat puns for a day." Jak grumbled holding his head slightly. He'd loose it if he heard another cat pun.

"It can't be that bad right? He means no harm." Tikki chirped in.

"I know Tikki I know it's just..Annoying. Plus there's the flirting too. I'm sure he's only doing it to get a reaction." 

"Maybe it's genuine Jak. Maybe he likes you." Tikki replied with a smile. 

"How could he? He doesn't know me...If only I could tell Daxter about this."

"You know you can't though." Tikki muttered.

"Yeah I know..It's just he reminds me of Dax minus the dumb puns he's like Daxter only braver. Sure Dax is brave when he needs to be but...I doubt he could get around or fight like Orange does." Jak replied getting lost in thought for a moment. 

"Speaking of Daxter wasn't you supposed to meet up with him ten minutes ago?"

"Damn! Maybe he's still waiting in the ottsel." Jak sighed.

"Maybe there's a chance he's running late to. Besides we're actually not too far from it." Tikki replied.

Maybe if he ran and just came up with an excuse maybe Daxter would understand or maybe he'd get there before the redhead.  Maybe if he said he'd overslept then Daxter would believe him.

The teen began to run as Tikki burrowed into his scarf holding on as the young male picked up speed. His heart almost sank as he saw Daxter as he drew closer. The redhead was heavily panting he must have sprinted there. 

"Sorry I'm late...I overslept." the pair seemed to say in unison. Same excuse except one of them seemed to say it rather breathlessly. 

"Do you need to sit down or need a drink? You kinda sound like you've run around the city." Jak asked raising a brow.

"...I-If only...You knew. Yeah I...I'd...Like...That." Daxter gasped. He pretty much had, he'd run the opposite direction to Ladybug and ended up much further away than he had.

Jak seemed to roll his eyes putting a friendly arm around the ginger's shoulders causing a slight blush to form on Daxter's face. He lead him into the bar and down into a booth, watching Daxter's breathing slowly calm down as he ordered drinks. Daxter only seemed to speak once the drinks came and he had a gulp. 

"So...How about that Ladybug guy?" he asked causing Jak's eyes to widen. What was he going to say?

"What about him?...He's part of a duo with that Orange cat guy." Jak muttered.

"Do you think he's kinda...I don't know...Sexy? Or taken? Maybe he's married to that cat guy or dating him..They argue like a couple at times." Daxter knew Orange wasn't with Ladybug was it something he wanted to happen.

The golden green haired teen turned a little scarlet. Why was he asking that? Did his friend just admit he crushed on him?

"I don't think he and Orange are together. It's...Er purely...Professional...Besides the puns...Are kinda cheesy I don't think 'Bug likes them...I can't say I've ever thought about either of them like that."

"WHAT?! M-His puns are hilarious! LB is just kinda too serious or something! Gotta lighten up." Daxter muttered. 

"Maybe I...The bug is interested in someone else. Besides they barely know each other...Wait you almost said something else , what was it?"

"Ya almost said I...Jakkie boy I could ask yer the same. I think yer didn't oversleep so why was ya late?" Daxter asked standing up.

"Sit down you're starting to draw attention Dax. I could ask you the same to. Like are you O-" he was stopped as the redhead leaned forward planting a kiss on his lips.

"Yer really bad at coverin' up yer tracks bud. Yer kinda just admitted ta me you're LB. I figured I recognised that ass from somewhere and now you've outted yourself as a superhero." 

".. So...How do you know so much about...L...Me?" Jak muttered with a defeated sigh.

"Cause I'm Orange~." Daxter whispered causing Jak to groan but surprisingly return the previous kiss.

"Your puns are terrible." he muttered.

"Mm love you to my lady." Daxter replied quietly with a smirk.
Miraculous adventures of Jak and Daxter chap 2
There's more finally! Also maybe 1 or 2 more to come after this

Cause we can't end this way. There's gotta be awkwardness. More Tikki and Plagg to~
Maybe I'll be able to do some writing depending on how I'm feeling cause I'm housebound. For a bit due to a recent minor injury. It hurt a fair bit like but it'll probably be ok
Maybe I'll be able to do some writing depending on how I'm feeling cause I'm housebound. For a bit due to a recent minor injury. It hurt a fair bit like but it'll probably be ok


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Hayley Jo
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
Gifts - Friends Only by SweetDuke No Kiribans by SweetDuke

One thing I was taught is never talk about religion or politics online it causes shit.

I'm shy so if you get a I guess on the end of something it's cause I either dunno what to say or I've turned shy
Soo.. where to begin.. I'm 19 and I live in the UK United Kingdom's Flag by SkaianAngel, in a town called Wigan. It's in Greater Manchester in Lancashire for those who don't know. I'm obsessed with Jak and Daxter and Sonic and have been for as long as I can remember. Those fandoms are keepers :) I used to love Rayman, Spyro and Ratchet and Clank when I was younger but that kinda died down the older I got. I'm real random so yeah you have been warned :giggle: If you're super religious and homophobic more than likely I'm not gonna get along with you because simple as I have different views


I love the Gorillaz, Cosplay and RPlying I only RP things I know like Sonic, Jak and Dax. I also RP yaoi too :) I love Japanese stuff too like kimono's and bonsai's.
I also love Cherry Blossoms I dunno why but I find them so pretty. IF I ever get another Tattoo I might get a cherry blossom :D
Got a Tumblr and here it is

I'm on Fanfiction net to but it's the same fics on there as here near enough and now I have a new YouTube… I have no clue what to put on it XD

I RP but only things I know..
Jak and Dax
I RP yaoi too and I'll try yuri I'm a fan of em both

I love Gorillaz at the moment :)
2-D X Noodle/2NU- Do I have to explain myself? 2NU is cute :love:

Sonic ones:
Tails X Cream
Silver X Blaze
Amouge (Yuri)

Jak and Daxter ships:
Daxter X Tess
Jaxter (Of course yaoi XD and now my favourite ship)
Torn X Ashelin
Razer X Erol
Tess X Keira
Keira X Ashelin
Tess x Jak (I think I'm slowly coming to ship this)

Random ships:
(I like Skips and mona to)
Rigby X Eileen

I Support Gay Rights Stamp by Sensit

Anti MLP FiM Stamp by Firework154 I felt I needed to put this stamp up..Just so yeah if you commission/request you know I won't do anything related to this..I don't know the series/I don't like it..Sorry
They can always be debunked.  by Little-rolling-beanHomophobe by Tae-Rai
Yaoi stamp by sequelleStamp: I Heart Yaoi_Pink by AJAngeliqueYuri - Girls like it too by The-Yuri-CanonYuri Stamp by Lead-Exile
Stamp Morby by KiraiReiWriters Stamp by shadow-wolf-hauntsJack Stamp by Sinister-StarfeeshDESTROY US ALL by ARTic-WeatherMarvel Comics Deadpool Fan Stamp by dA--bogeyman Marvel Comics Spider-Man Fan Stamp by dA--bogeyman I love Feedback by Sweet-DooDoRP Stamp by Ali-Vega2D beats Murdoc at Video Games by OtakuMagicGirl2D Stamp -Nuuuuuu by ParamourxLightsMurdoc Pelvic Thrust by OtakuMagicGirl

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Stamp: Amy Rose Stamp by icefatal STAMP-Sonic 015 by NoNamepje Shaundre the Hedgehog :stamp: by Narcotize-NaginiSTAMP-Tails 001 by NoNamepjeAmy Stamp by Abbu1STAMPSKnuckles Stamp by NoNamepjeRouge and Knuckles by GeminiGirl83Rouge Stamp by Abbu1STAMPS Silver the Hedgehog Stamp by NoNamepje SonAmy Stamp by LucaRiolu826 Shadow the Hedgehog Stamp by NoNamepje


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