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I think maybe someone has tried to access my account on here. They somehow knew my email address but not the password so I've ended up with a forgot password email probably someone wanting to change it so I'm gonna ignore it so my password won't  change
It had been strange to try and explain at first she was dating them both. Her brother laughed thinking she was joking whilst some accused her of being greedy and she needed to pick which boy she wanted to be with more.

Thankfully by now her friends had warmed up to it. And it was the group's one year anniversary meaning Tess had rarely left the kitchen all day. She'd been baking tasty treats all day for the celebration and was almost done using almost all the ingredients she had.

Cakes, cookies, shortbreads, macaroons, muffins she'd  made a hell of a lot of goodies.

She was so focused on baking she didn't notice her boys walk in the humble apartment. 
* * *
"Hey Tessie kins! Whatcha makin' sweet cheeks smells great." Daxter asked walking towards the kitchen.

"How long have you been in here?" Jak muttered noticing the treats.

"From six this morning..Don't touch I'm almost done." she replied with a smile accidentally wiping icing on her face once she'd  finished with a cake.
* * *
As soon as everything was done, Daxter snatched a cupcake decorated with green icing with a "1" in red icing on it. Whereas Jak grabbed one with orange and yellow icing.

 "What's the huge one fer?" Daxter asked peeling the casing off admiring the cake before taking a rather large bite. 

"You don't remember?" Jak and Tess asked in union.

"..Er should I? I ain't fergot a birthday right?..Right?" 

Jak rolled his eyes knocking Daxter's hand holding the cake causing green and red icing to get on his nose and mouth. 

He smirked a little as Daxter blinked trying to process what had happened before grabbing Jak's cake and mushing it against the hero's cheek.

"Now we're even."

Jak laughed a little before going to grab another only to have Tess slap his hand away. 

"It's our one year anniversary. And ease up on the cakes I haven't got to-" she was interrupted by Daxter.

"Ah shit..Sorry sugar I..Er forgot..We'll stop wastin' the treats now huh Jak? Now come 'ere sweetcheeks~" Daxter muttered leaning over the counter only to get a face full of muffin thrown at him by Tess.

"You didn't let me finish~ I wanna join in to." she giggled as Jak and Daxter got their game faces on.

She continued to giggle until Jak mushed a muffin against her cheek then Daxter got the other.

"No fair! No team ups!" she cried grabbing two cupcakes and perfectly throwing them square in the boys faces. Guess her aim was perfect no matter what she did.

They returned fired until in the end both parties had ran out of muffins and cupcakes. And was covered in cake and icing. 
* * *
They'd chased each other around the apartment for Precursors knows how long. Honestly now they were ready to just curl up together on the couch. 

"How's finishin' off what's left and curlin' up on the couch sound ta you two cause it sounds great fer me." Daxter muttered with a pant, reaching and grabbing a cookie.

"Sounds good Dax." Jak replied grabbing two shortbreads, handing one to Tess before picking her and Daxter up easily and finally heading to the couch.

"Thanks sweetums~" Tess muttered nuzzling into Jak. 

Daxter nuzzled into Jak to as he munched on his cookie as the hero sat on the couch with the pair.

The pair kissed the hero's cheeks making him flush a little before each giving the pair a kiss as they relaxed. This relationship had a lot of benefits and he had to admit he honestly enjoyed twice as much attention from the pair.

"We love you~" the pair muttered smiling at Jak in a way that was too cute. 

"Love you two as well." he replied pulling them close to his chest. The pair rested against him whilst enjoying their treats. As his eyes began to close before he'd dug into his treat. 

"We must have tired him out." Tess whispered. 

"I guess so..G'night Jakkie boy" Daxter whispered before gently leaning over and stealing his shortbread causing Tess to glare a little. 

"What? He's outta it. I'll get him another later angel ok?" Daxter muttered taking a bite. "'Sides he won't miss it at this point." 
Three's an item
I like this poly ship. It's the only one I like so random cute goofy shit was all I could think of whilst doing this 
The redhead had been out of it almost the entire meeting and it was to the point Torn had given up trying to get his attention.

Daxter's attention was on Jak which everyone knew except the highlighter hair coloured male who was completely oblivious . Tess was busy whispering to Jinx trying to give her opinion on why Daxter had been out of it.

"Hey red! Ya think yer can ease up starin' at goldie locks?" Jinx teased causing the redhead to snap out of it and turn pure crimson and defensive.

"What?" Jak questioned looking at the embarrassed redhead with a raised green brow.

"I-I wasn't! I was thinkin' about stuff." Daxter muttered tapping the table and avoiding eye contact.

"Ya kinda suck at lyin' kid. Yer got the hots for him huh?" Jinx continued to tease before beginning to smirk.

The ginger began to laugh a little his voice cracking a little and colour draining as quickly jolted up knocking his chair over before heading off outside causing Jinx to smirk more.

"Daxter! Wait!" Jak yelled before grumbling and jolting up. "What the hell Jinx!" 

"What? I was only askin'?"Jinx muttered lighting up a cigar.

Jak cursed before heading out to find Daxter. Though he wasn't happy Jinx had irritated Daxter , Jak himself was actually curious now about the answer. 


"What do yer want? Ya not gonna freak out at me or take the piss outta me are yer?" Daxter asked ears dropping a little.

Jak raised a brow as if to say "Seriously?" before placing an arm around Daxter's shoulders causing the ginger to blush.

"Yeah." he sighed causing Jak confusion.

"Yeah what?"

"Yeah..I..Like have "the hots" fer ya." Daxter replied causing Jak to smirk a little.

"Prove it." Jak answered looking at the ginger with a smirk.

Daxter huffed , grabbing Jak's face almost startling the tanned teen for a second. He grumbled pulling him close before nervously planting a hard kiss on the taller male's lips.

Ok he hadn't expected that,  so it in turn made him flush a  little. It was his first kiss and his best friend was the one to do it. Why did it feel so right?

"There. Proof." Daxter huffed beginning to sulk. Why did that suddenly look so adorable?  

Jak began to stare at him causing the redhead to hiss a "What!" at him. Jak was speechless honestly. What now? 

The taller teen grabbed the redhead's chin causing him to squeak a little before he pulled him into a somewhat deep and loving kiss causing Daxter to stop resisting, accept and return it whilst blushing in the process.

He couldn't believe it. It felt perfect and he didn't want it to stop. It was a perfect moment and it couldn't be ruined no matter what happened.
Burning love
This is what happens when you're trying to cheer someone up by writing their otp and listening jazz love songs at the same time.

I always worry when I write Jinx. I don't wanna screw him up.

Also I'm sure that the title is an Elvis Presley song

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"Ok what we gonna do today kiddo?" he asked looking down at the tiny toddler gripping his hand. She looked up at him miming a "be good." before fiddling with her little green dress.

Daxter nodded before picking her up and holding her close. The two year old was a bit of a brat at times but honestly that's what Daxter had been called at her age so maybe she was more like him. 

This was the first time he had to take her to the Underground and it was only because his babysitter quit on him. Tori wasn't that bad honestly.

The kid was just impressionable and going through this phase of wearing her fiery hair like meatballs with ponytails sticking out like some dumb cartoon she liked as Daxter put it. Some sailor junk. So what if the kid was a little sassy and "accidentally" broke things. If people pissed her off she wasn't shy to show it.

* * *
By the time they reached the outside of the Underground Tori was asleep against his chest thankfully but still Daxter felt nervous , sick even.

Maybe I should just phone in sick and head home? 

No. I should just walk in there maybe no one will notice.

"That's fuckin' ridiculous!" he muttered before heading to the door gently placing a hand on his daughter's head as he entered, causing her to stir a little. 

What do I say? This is the first time someone will see h-

His trail of thought was stopped automatically as a couple of familiar faces caught sight of him. Tess and Jak to be precise. 

The colour drained from him as Tori looked at them and they seemed to stare at Daxter probably in confusion.

"Who's the kid Dax?" Jak asked heading closer to the little girl.

"She's adorable!" Tess cooed as the little girl smiled.

"..I think I'm gonna throw up.." Daxter muttered before handing Tori to Jak.

"What? Are you ok Dax?" Jak asked as the little girl played with his hair. She was quickly taking a shine to him.

"..Tori..She's called Tori..She doesn't speak..You're the first person she actually likes despite me..A-And..She's..She's my..Daughter.." Daxter stuttered hands beginning to tremble a little.

"I didn't know you had a kid. Why didn't you say before?" Jak and Tess replied in unison. 

"..Not many people do." he muttered smiling a little as Tori clung to Jak. "I..Didn't know when ta say anythin'. 'Sides I guess I could handle her alone."

"Maybe I can help out? Make things easier for you." Jak replied.

"Ya sure? She's apparently hard work." Daxter replied smirking a little.

"Like someone else I know." Jak muttered causing Tori to smirk and Daxter to pretend to be offended.

"So if yer move in what does that make us? Best friends or roomies or somethin' else~?" Daxter asked in a teasing tone.

"Something else." Jak replied acting cool as he headed forward to Daxter. 

"Wait..Seriously! What does it make us then?" Daxter curiously asked. 

Jak didn't answer and instead planted a kiss on his best friend's lips causing Tori to pull a face. Daxter was startled at first but accepted it, returning the kiss moments later. 

"Maybe that gives you an answer." Jak muttered pulling away causing Daxter to laugh a little. 

"Maybe it does." Daxter replied kissing the renegade's cheek. "Maybe it does."
Single parent AU
The idea of Daxter having a child with an anime liking amuses me. Yes she's got Sailor moon's hair :)
His heart was pounding hard against his ribcage as Jak grabbed his hand, trying to drag him out of the crowded city centre. Jak only noticed something was wrong as Daxter resisted sharply tugging his hand back.

"Everything okay Dax?" Jak asked looking concerned as the ginger pulled his own hands over his own nose and mouth almost looking like he could throw up. 

"Don't..Stay back fer a few ok?" he replied cheeks tinting red. He was struggling to handle himself and deal with the hunger and it got worse as Jak continued to question him. His voice fading out completely as Daxter tried to compose himself.

"You feeling ok? Dax? Daxter can you hear me? Shit."  Jak sighed picking the zoned out redhead and putting him over his shoulder. Maybe Daxter had spent too long in the sun or missed a meal or maybe just felt under the weather? Jak wasn't sure.
* * *
Panic began to set into the redhead as tried to ease the bloodlust but sadly it wasn't happening the more he was near Jak and his tempting neck.

His fangs lowered and began to stick out of his mouth as his sense of control or the little shred he once had vanished.

Jak had noticed how quiet he'd become and was tempted to ask if he was asleep but decided against it as they reached the alley of the underground.  

Daxter took his chances and gripped onto Jak and lowering his fangs near his neck.

"What are you doing?" the teen grumbled trying to pull him back catching a glimpse of a fang as he did.

He didn't panic,continuing to restrain Daxter until he heard a faint gasp followed by a whimper.

"Daxter?...Are you..You again?".

The redhead looked up looking at the teen looking horrified. 

"I..Tried to bite you." he muttered looking upset as Jak tried to pull him into an embrace only to have the redhead pass out moments later.

"So this is what you are?."
I'm trying to get back into the swing of things so I did this based off an anime I like called Karin and a scene from it well inspired.

Karin is a vampire but with a twist like she can go outside and doesn't have much vampire powers. So Dax is like that cept Karin is a blood maker, she has to bite people to get rid of the excess blood or she'll get gruesome nosebleeds.

The nosebleeds was left out of this of course cause it's gross and no one wants to read about that.
I think maybe someone has tried to access my account on here. They somehow knew my email address but not the password so I've ended up with a forgot password email probably someone wanting to change it so I'm gonna ignore it so my password won't  change


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Hayley Jo
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Gifts - Friends Only by SweetDuke No Kiribans by SweetDuke

One thing I was taught is never talk about religion or politics online it causes shit.

I'm shy so if you get a I guess on the end of something it's cause I either dunno what to say or I've turned shy
Soo.. where to begin.. I'm 19 and I live in the UK United Kingdom's Flag by SkaianAngel, in a town called Wigan. It's in Greater Manchester in Lancashire for those who don't know. I'm obsessed with Jak and Daxter and Sonic and have been for as long as I can remember. Those fandoms are keepers :) I used to love Rayman, Spyro and Ratchet and Clank when I was younger but that kinda died down the older I got. I'm real random so yeah you have been warned :giggle: If you're super religious and homophobic more than likely I'm not gonna get along with you because simple as I have different views


I love the Gorillaz, Cosplay and RPlying I only RP things I know like Sonic, Jak and Dax. I also RP yaoi too :) I love Japanese stuff too like kimono's and bonsai's.
I also love Cherry Blossoms I dunno why but I find them so pretty. IF I ever get another Tattoo I might get a cherry blossom :D
Got a Tumblr and here it is

I'm on Fanfiction net to but it's the same fics on there as here near enough and now I have a new YouTube… I have no clue what to put on it XD

I RP but only things I know..
Jak and Dax
I RP yaoi too and I'll try yuri I'm a fan of em both

I love Gorillaz at the moment :)
2-D X Noodle/2NU- Do I have to explain myself? 2NU is cute :love:

Sonic ones:
Tails X Cream
Silver X Blaze
Amouge (Yuri)

Jak and Daxter ships:
Daxter X Tess
Jaxter (Of course yaoi XD and now my favourite ship)
Torn X Ashelin
Razer X Erol
Tess X Keira
Keira X Ashelin
Tess x Jak (I think I'm slowly coming to ship this)

Random ships:
(I like Skips and mona to)
Rigby X Eileen

I Support Gay Rights Stamp by Sensit

Anti MLP FiM Stamp by Firework154 I felt I needed to put this stamp up..Just so yeah if you commission/request you know I won't do anything related to this..I don't know the series/I don't like it..Sorry
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